Selling your property

Selling your own property is fine in theory, but there is one critical thing that you lose. The chance to negotiate. Most people take a lot of pride in their home, so if someone offers them a low price it usually doesn’t go well. Offence is taken, the door closes. No negotiation. Negotiation is an art. Becoming a skilled and efficient negotiator can take years of practice. If you think about selling your property privately you’ve just lost the skill of negotiation.

if I was to put my property on the market I would appoint the best agent ithat is going to give me the best price. Agents charge between 2 and 4% for the sale of property any good agent should get 5 to 10% more than what a person will do privately . Real, ,

Facebook and even gumtree do not sell properties they simply advertise them. It’s the quick response the quick reply and interest shown by the selling agent that will achieve a higher price. Note if you set a price your hardly ever achieve that price the best way is to remove the price it’s called Auction and get two or more buyers fighting each other,This will always achieve the best price of the day.

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